Psychotherapy encourages us towards exploring how we might lead a more fulfilling and authentic life. It helps us to accept and make necessary changes to live in a more constructive and fulfilling way. Providing caring, non-judgmental and inspiring environment to explore, reflect, and make decisions with confidence leads to healing process and transformation.

I believe in building an authentic, trusting relationship with each client that aim to embody warmth, optimism, curiosity and empathy. I conduct individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy with children, adolescence and adults with an appreciation of the particular cultural, ethnic, and spiritual backgrounds of my clients.

My approach is integrative and holistic and draws from variety of my training and interests: cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, systemic therapy, hypnotherapy, cybernetics and quantum physics, transpersonal-spiritual therapy and yoga. I am HPCSA registered clinical psychologist and  hypnotherapist, as well as accredited psychotherapy supervisor and trainer for psychology continuous professional education. I am also a registered yoga teacher.

I believe in:

  • Baby steps. Starting with the most accessible aspects and once client feels positive and motivated introducing more challenging aspects.

  • Positive psychology. People come to treatment to talk about what's wrong, but it is also important to talk about what is positive in their life. Each person has natural areas of strength we can further develop to help increase coping skills, reduce distress, improve relationships, and shift towards more positive life outlook.

  • Therapist needs to be genuine and real. It is important to be authentic with clients. Appropriate sharing with clients can enhance clients’ ability to be real and honest.

  • Therapy as inspiring process. In times when life feels like being stuck in a dark tunnel encouragement and wisdom from the therapist can help clients to remain engaged while inspiring and daring them to be the best of who they are.
  • Holistic, spiritual &  transpersonal approach. I believe that respect, knowledge, and compassion in psychotherapy are leading to wellness, new beginnings and joy. In my approach I foster an integration of body, mind and spirit as well as transpersonal vision which deepens connections with one-self, others and larger sense of being.

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