About Me


I am a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, accredited supervisor, international trainer, published author and a yoga therapist. I am in a private practice at the ADDnova Clinic in Blairgowrie.

After completing my psychology degree in 1988, I did additional training in cognitive-behavior therapy by The University of Oxford, in UK,  a course in psychosomatic medicine by Psychosomatic Institute, Paris, in France, and a year of systemic family therapy training by Cardiff Family Institute, UK.

Subsequently, I immigrated to South Africa, and completed HPCSA requirements to register as a clinical psychologist.  In 1994 I established psychology department at Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital, secured two psychology posts and accreditation for the academic training of clinical psychology interns. I was the head of psychology department and responsible for supervision of clinical interns.

In 2000 I completed PhD in Medical Psychology from the University of South Africa and joined ADDnova Clinic. I presented papers and workshops at international congresses in: Israel, Norway, South Africa, Hungary, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Iceland, India, China, Portugal, Russia, Greece, Bali, Brazil, Japan and USA.

I am newly elected president of The International Transpersonal Association (ITA), having served on its executive board for many years.  I lecture in South Africa, Mexico and India. I have established first CPD accredited transpersonal training in South Africa in 2009, in collaboration with European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) & American Transpersonal Associations (ATP). The CPD training integrates transpersonal and cross-cultural psychology with indigneous aspects. Over the years, I have developed close cooperation with The Traditional Healers' Association and presented at several traditional healers' conferences in Mamelodi.

I am a member of multidisciplinary team at Donald Gordon Pelvic Floor Disorder Unit & Diabetics West Clinic. I lecture on medical psychology to health professionals, pharmaceuticals and patients' groups.

I guide holistic welness retreats that integrate positive psychology, stress-management program, quantum physics, yoga, meditation, spiritual and transpersonal aspects with a delicious vegeterian cusine, walking the labyrinth and session on creativity (check info page on holistic retreats).

I would describe myself as a creative and spiritual person with a vision and dedication to make a difference in people's lives. Compassion and deep need to understand and improve human suffering rises from personally facing a number of challenging life situations: from early learning problems, ADHD, and abusive family history, to civil war and immigration to South Africa, as well as in later years struggling with degenerative spinal disorder and unsuccessful infertility treatments. To support my own sense of well-being I practice regular yoga, meditation, gym and hiking.


Services provided

Individual, couple and family psychotherapy; Cognitive-behavior therapy; Transpersonal- spiritual growth oriented couching, Positive psychology; Hypnotherapy; Somatic psychotherapy; Stress management couching; Yoga & breathing programs designed for different medical issues; ADD/ADHD couching; Cultural & indigenous psychology; Holistic retreats; Integrative supervision; CPD training for registered psychologists.

Client groups

Adults, children, individuals, couples, families & groups.

Areas of specialty

Relationship issues; Stress management; Anxiety & depression;  Bipolar disorders; ADD and ADHD, Health psychology: infertility, diabetes, pelvic floor disorders, chronic illness, compliance issues; Addictions; Eating disorders;  Abuse and trauma; Spirituality and transpersonal psychotherapy;  Cross- cultural & indigenous psychology; Hypnotherapy; Integrative psychotherapy.


M.A. Clinical psychology; PhD Medical psychology. 


I published in several international academic journals. My book “The emergence of a supervisor” is a personal contribution of how therapists’ and supervisors’ competence develops through life-long complex integration of professional and personal life experiences and transformations.


Addressing Complexities of Medical Noncompliance in Serious Childhood Illness: Collaborating at the Interface of Providers, Families, and Health Care Systems. Families, Systems & Health, 2008, Vol. 26, No. 3, 237–249.

Cybernetics of Supervision: A Developmental Perspective. The Clinical Supervisor, 2010, 29: 1, 35-50.


African Shamanic Knowledge And Transpersonal Psychology: Spirits and Healing

In Dialogue. The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 2017, 49:1, 31- 44.                                               


The Emergence of a Supervisor: Integrating Professional and Personal Selves of the Therapist, 2011. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.


Mysteries of the Universe and Transpersonal Psychotherapy (2017). In McMullin, L., Hess, R., & Boucouvalas, M., (Eds), Metamorphosis through Conscious Living: A Transpersonal Psychology Perspective (pp. 116-128). Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle, UK. http://www.cambridgescholars.com/download/sample/63761


Voices of the EUROTAS Council of Elders (2017). In McMullin, L., Hess, R., & Boucouvalas, as, M., (Eds), Metamorphosis through Conscious Living: A Transpersonal Psychology Perspective (pp. 6-24). Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle, UK. http://www.cambridgescholars.com/download/sample/63761



Payment & Cancellation Policy

The 2019 fee is R 1300. Session length is around 60 minute.  I am contracted out of medical aids which means that client is responsible for payment. Please note that this is cash practice. Medical insurances refund between R 1050 and R 1300 per session. There is a strict policy of 24 hours' notice for cancelation or rescheduling an appointment. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours are fully charged.

Generally speaking, I see clients once a week or once every two weeks. For clients that have difficulty taking time off work hours, early morning or late evening appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


E.H. (45 year old, male, individual therapy):

“I was very nervous with my first visit, but I had the courage to go back and I liked your professional approach. I feel that you guided me particularly well to discover what I battled with and how to approach specific situations. There were numerous times that something just all of a sudden fell into place, or clicked, while I was talking to you. I would like to sincerely thank you for your honesty and for allowing me, to be very honest and share things with you that I never would have dreamt of to share with anyone. For guiding me - to make peace with who I am, and to accept my qualities as strong points rather than weak points because it is different than the norm. And finally, for making me aware of so many things that I can build on in future and to equip me to deal with situations that normally made me panic”.

C. N. (48 years old, couple therapy):

“When my husband and I went to see Zana we were on the verge of separating. At our first session we were both a bit sullen and too angry with each other to really be receptive to counseling. But Zana’s easy manner soon helped us to relax and we started to open up – to her and to each other. Her counseling was practical and very revealing. Even after more than 20 years of marriage, we learned things about each other that helped us towards better understanding and tolerance of each other’s personal characteristics. Zana helped us to develop skills for overcoming obstacles and my husband and I rediscovered our love for each other. By spending more quality time together and handling conflict in a constructive manner, we have a positive, secure marriage that provides a safe space against the daily onslaughts of life”.

Prof T. V. (mother of A., 9 years old, child therapy):

“ Our son, A., was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) some years back, and as with many children in his position, he still struggled to verbalize his feelings and to control his emotions and frustrations. As parents, we felt that it was important to put interventions in place to help and teach him how to communicate his feelings and how to control outbursts of emotions that does not only affect him, but our entire family. Dr Zana systematically equipped A. with tools to ensure that he can better communicate his feelings, whether good and bad, and that he can work through issues of frustrations, rather than bottled it up. We were able to further explore these open communications channels with Dr Zana as parents and apply this in everyday family life. Thank you Dr Zana, for your care and for the positive way in which you helped A. learn how to unlock so many emotions within him. It was a privilege to share this process with you”.

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