Holistic Retreats

Holistic retreat is an opportunity for self-growth, rejuvenation & consciousness expansion. "Sacred Balance & Wellness" retreat takes you inside of yourself and helps you regain a balance between head, heart, body and soul by using a selection of modalities such as: gentle yoga postures, breathing, relaxation, chakra balancing, meditation, positive psychology exercises, stress-management techniques and other self-discovery techniques.

Holistic retreat builds ability to live meaningful and authentic life in different aspects:

  • Social: Developing an awareness of how we communicate our needs & issues to significant others, as well as developing empathy, compassion & respect for others.
  • Spiritual: Expanding our consciousness, increasing belief in ourselves & others, as well as gaining deeper understanding of our life’s journey. 
  • Physical:  Becoming aware of our bodies, its’ needs, & finding ways to nurture it.
  • Mental: Taking a positive attitude towards life & accepting change.
  • Emotional: Building awareness of our own feelings & how to be constructive with them.
  • Environmental: Respecting nature and animals, as well as other human beings in our lives increases our balance and our own placement in the world.



What you think you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become


Friday 27th April – Sunday 29th April 2018


Wellness Retreat Based On Ancient Wisdom & Inspired By Latest Scientific Research

This three day empowering retreat is designed to help you tune in to your inner wisdom and bring the sense of joy and wellbeing. During this weekend retreat you will experience:

  • Positive energy flow,
  • Connection to your higher-self,
  • Mindfulness practices that restore your well-being,
  • Loving and caring for yourself,
  • Breathing, stretching and connecting to your beautiful self,
  • Enhanced life energy and purpose,
  • Learning about latest science and research on wellbeing



Dr Zana Marovic is a clinical psychologist, transpersonal therapist, author, hypnotherapist and yoga teacher. Her vision is to inspire, teach, and motivate others by facilitating authentic holistic and mindful life changing experience in the harmony with nature.  Zana has a passion for the integration of Eastern and Western wisdom and a holistic approach to the mind-body-soul. This retreat draws from the variety of training she accumulated over 30 years of professional work and blends positive psychology, visualization, transpersonal therapy and quantum psychology with ancient practices of yoga, meditation, chakra balancing and breath work.


R 4200-00 per person is inclusive of: full three-day retreat program, two nights shared accommodation in two-bedroom suites and three delicious Ayurvedic meals daily.

Limited to 10 participants! Please book early to avoid disappointment. For more info contact Dr Zana Marovic on 082 687 1319. Registration is only confirmed upon full payment.

Cancellation policy: Please note that refund is possible only if participant finds a replacement.

Account details: Dr Zana Marovic, Standard Bank, Branch: Hyde Park, 006605, Account Number: 200868772. 



Melody Hill is set in a secluded and peaceful pecan-nut orchard, on the banks of the Magalies River. This forested estate boasts a unique ecosystem teaming with birds and indigenous plant life. Melody Hill offers a peaceful and tranquil setting for the integration of mind, body and soul. A pool and shady trees keeping you cool in summer, and wood-burning fireplaces keeps you cozy in winter.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily and you will detox and experience energy renewal through delicious wholesome Ayurvedic meals. Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day along with a homemade snacks.




Somatic psychology encourages dialogue between mind and body. Focus is on developing body awareness, which improves number of health conditions and enhances welness.

Gut-Brain research is revolutionizing medicine's understanding of the links between digestion, mood, and our health.

Mindfulness originates from yoga and meditation. Mindfulness is focusing awareness on the present moment to become attuned with our body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Brain-Awake is a concept based on neuroplasticity research and utilizes brains’ ability to re-wire and re-shape.

Mind-Dialogue is an approach based on parts psychology, that focuses on dialogue and networking between different parts.

Yoga, Meditation & Breath: Dating back over 5000 years, yoga is the oldest practice of self-development that helps with lowering blood pressure, an enhanced sense of well-being, reduced anxiety and muscle tension, increased flexibility, and slowed aging process.

Positive emotioning utilizes emotional resilience practices and positive psychology to cultivate emotional wisdom.

Stress-management program ensures better health, increases productivity, boosts self-esteem, diminishes procrastination and improves quality of life and relationships.

Spiritual Core is a concept rooted in transpersonal psychology and focusing on our capacity for higher purpose, wisdom and compassion. 



Day & Time

Fri 27th April

Sat 28th April

Sun 29th April

7:30 am –
9 am

Arrival & Check In

Yoga Class:

Yoga Class: Head & Heart

9 am –
9:30 am

Walking The

Breakfast: Mindful

Breakfast: Mindful Eating

10 am –
11 am


Positive Emotioning

Embracing  Wisdom

11:30 pm –
1:30 pm

Somatics &
Gut Brain


Sustaining Wisdom

2 pm -
2:30 pm




2:30 pm  -
3:30 pm

Free time

Free Time

Walking the

3:30 pm –
4:30 pm

Mindfulness &

Spiritual Core

Closure &

4:30 pm –
5:30 pm


Walking The


5:30 pm –
6:30 pm

Yoga Class &
Guided Meditation

Yoga Class &
Guided Meditation


7 pm –
9 pm

Supper & Movie

Supper & Movie




Address: 16 Seekoehoek Road, Magalieberg

Drive through Magaliesberg town on the R24 route to Rustenburg and pass Mount Grace Hotel. Turn right onto the R98 (dirt road) and after Black Horse Restaurant turn right to Melody Hill Retreat.

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